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Day 13 & a bigger team

For our final full day in Florida☀️, we decided to do Universal Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios (plus fireworks) with my sister, brother-in-law and 2 nieces. What a fantastic, fun packed day we have all had🥰.

It it started off on the rapids and got totally drenched 💦💦- not a dry patch between us. Now normally being wet wouldn’t bother us but it so happened that the temperature today was not it’s normal 30C+, only a chilly 25C max with a cooling wind. This didn’t stop us, so straight onto the log flume - soaked once again!!

Dried off off around the park, & caught Hogswort Express to Universal studios where we did the Gringotts ride again - even better the second time around. Explored Diagon Alley & then headed for Men in Black. Well done to Elizabeth & Rhian for coping with the spins!!! A parade, then Shrek 4D to finish off with and then a well deserved dinner at Lombards🍽🥂.

Finished the night off watching the water/laser/ fireworks show & then Emily, Bradley and I did “The Mummy” ride. None of us knew what to expect but what an exhilarating ride to finish on- think my heart has just gone back to normal now!!! Last ride of our holiday 😱😱😱😱!

Now for a sleep before we journey home😴😴.

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