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Day 12 & a wet spell

So the weather forecast was not good today with heavy thunderstorms & strong winds for the afternoon 💨⛈. Being British & not easily put off by this, we decided to do a water park!

Typhoon Lagoon 🌴 it was then & what a good choice! Spent the morning going from one ride to the next as the queues were non existent due to the overcast skies.

Luckily we managed to start on the easy slides and ended up on the most exhilarating ones - even a water coaster which propelled you upwards. It was getting very windy at the top of the ride & we managed to just about finish before the park started to close rides. The only thing we missed out on was the tidal wave 🥺🏄‍♀️!

Back at the villa, we managed to get in before the heavens opened for 2-3 hours☔️☔️☔️🌩. Good job we were all dry & had a good evening entertaining “The Woods” who happened to drop by for dinner 🍽🥂🍾 (my sister & family who happened to fly out the day before)!

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