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Day 11 & dolphin heaven🐬

Well, what can I say - the best day yet!

Today we headed down to Discovery Cove 🌴to meet some new friends. Fuelled the kids up first at the villa & gave their breakfast a miss, so we could get straight in.

Fed the birds 🦅first, which was excellent although you have to watch out for pooping!!

Found a lazy river, otters, marmosets 🐒and a tiny 🦉owl.

Headed over to the grand reef & a bit of snorkelling 🐠🐡🐟🦈- excellent but very busy & we all decided that we have been spoilt with our trip to Maui - nothing will beat snorkelling there!!!!!

Finally it was time to meet our dolphins! We met Miss Prim 🐬& Kaylee 🐬who were both sisters. They were beautiful, graceful & gentle and not forgetting playful!! Think I’ve found my next pet!!!

We all got to stroke, pose & kiss them and Kaylee took us for a ride too - excellent!!! Thats all we have been talking about for the rest of the day 😜.

So normally that would be enough excitement in one day, but we decided to visit Magic Kingdom 🏰on the way back for the fireworks!

Best way to finish such a cool day, even managed to sneak in a couple of rides (space mountain) after the fireworks had finished 😴😴😴😴😴 - a very late night (when did these parks start to stay open till midnight😳).

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So pleased you got the opportunity to swim with the beautiful dolphins. They are the unicorns for us grown-ups!

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