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Braithwaite’s big departure

A long first day of travelling - started well with a Lebanese breakfast but then a 2 hour delay for a replacement working plane (flown down from Glasgow). A further 1&1/2 hours sat on the tarmac - a mother insisted on using her car seat on the flight for a 4 year old - this wasn’t Virgins regulation & passenger would not cooperate so had to be removed + kids + luggage, poor kids!

No problems with flight, highly recommend back seats as so much more room & quieter! Only minor problem is that you are last off! Orlando you need to speed up passport control - probably didn’t help as our flight was 2 hours late landing!!

Well done chauffeur Darren as he was soon relaxed driving American style! Villa lovely & very homely - too tired to try pool & night night!

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Can’t believe the airline let someone carry a bulky car seat onto the aeroplane anyway! They are at fault - check in, security, gate crew - someone should have said No! Check your delay time and get that claim put in!


Apr 09, 2019

I had a fry up with lamb sausages, very nice too.

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