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Osborne House

Team Braithwaite enjoy visiting stately homes and gardens, so on Saturday 1st June we got on a ferry over to the Isle of Wight to go to Osborne House. We were joined by Darren's brother (Steve) and partner (Rob) for yet another wonderful day together.

I was expecting a large palatial property with grand gardens, but this is not what Osborne House is about. Yes, the house is very big and the rooms are filled with amazing objects but the feel is very homely. The immediate grounds around the building are laid out but then they just roll away to green meadows right down to the beach. Within the grounds is Swiss Cottage, which is an Alpine style wooden cottage where Queen Victoria and Prince Albert's 9 children played. Within the grounds of the cottage each Prince/Princess had their own vegetable patch where they grew whatever they wanted.

As usual on these days out we stopped for lunch and had our picnics from home. Out came the usual food, G&T & Champagne which we sat on the grass and enjoyed for a few hours of blissful relaxation and chat. We were even entertained by an impromptu fly pass of a single WW2 plane complete with D-Day stripes, obviously on it's way to join the 75th celebrations.

We all thoroughly enjoyed our visit to Osborne House and it is hard to imagine another place as tranquil, I truly see why Queen Victoria loved being there so much.

After Osborne House we had a stroll around Cowes before catching the ferry back to the mainland and home. All in all another great day and I look forward to the next day out.

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