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White Water Rafting

Another Sunday morning and another soaking, this time all of Team Braithwaite went to the venue for the 2012 Olympic white water raft event to have a go ourselves. As the rafts take nine people we were joined by Sister-in-law, Brother-in-law, nieces and partners.

An early start got us to Lee Valley for our 10am session. Quick change into wet suits, life vests and boots meant that we were all ready for our briefing to start. It wasn’t long till we were paddling along the water in our raft and all felt good. Just as we were all feeling nice and comfortable on our seats the instructor told those on the left to jump into the water, this was to practise being pulled back into the raft. Once we were back in the other half went over the side and then got pulled back on board. Next was quick team photo on the Olympic podium and then onto our swim test!

For the swim test you jump in and get pulled down the course by the strong currents, you then swim back to the side and climb out. Fortunately we all passed the test and were allowed to progress to the main course.

First run was pretty much a free ride where the raft was just helped down the course by a few paddle strokes, it all seemed quite relaxing. Each further run we started to play with the waves a little bit more and at one point we lost three of our crew at the same time when the raft almost flipped over. The only other overboard moment was from me, when my foot slipped out of the loop whilst leaning over the side to balance the raft.

Over all we went down the course five times, each time we got more adventurous and spent more time with the raft being flooded by more and more water. We all finished with huge smiles and I think the photos show that we enjoyed ourselves.

Special mention to Rebecca for volunteering not to go in the raft and to stay on the sides and takes lots of photos.

Another great adventure and thanks to all who made it so enjoyable.

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