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Day 9 & standing in line!

Good day today as we headed to Animal Kingdom, but wasn’t expecting it to be that busy!!! Our original plan for the day, was to start here and finish in Magic Kingdom for the fireworks- needless to say that the queues slowed us down! Still a good day, just took us longer.

Took in quite a few rides today, best one being the safari where we saw lots of giraffes and hippo‘s - well worth the wait🦏🦛🐘🐊🦒🐐🦆.

Worst one for the queue was the rapids as the ride kept being held up as they had staff training. Very hot in the queue as it was lunchtime & ☀️ was beaming - getting wet 💦was a welcomed relief!!

Even managed to climb Everest, although the train didn’t make it all the way up.....

Too drained for another park, so headed back to villa to cool off in the pool. Plan to fit fireworks in on another night - not many days left 😳!

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