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Day 8, we needed lots of bait!!!!

Raring to go, we headed to SeaWorld, one of our favourite parks.

Darren did really well by leading us to the Infinity Falls Rapid Raft Ride, which had no queue. First ride of the day and we got totally drenched💦, so went on it again! When I mean drenched, I mean all layers were dripping wet💧💧💧!

Headed over to Atlantis as were already wet, so couldn’t get wetter, or so we thought!!!!

Being soaking wet we thought we would dry off in Antartica with the penguins ❄️- this was the correct temperature for the staff to be in big ski coats while everyone else was shivering! The penguins 🐧 were cute though.

Saw some local wild life including: little alligators, flamingos, turtles 🐢and dolphins🐬. We even saw Emily’s favourite sting rays ( we spent a long time here stroking them and even feeding).

Decided to pick the pace up so we went on a genteel rollercoaster - manta🎢. All four of us survived a suspended ride, Bradley even survived the loop (goodness knows what G Force it was). Well done both boys, girls laughed the whole way round - fun🤯🤣!

Nothing could top that so we decided to come back to the villa via an outlet mall🛍. When back we had a nice swim in the pool. Early night ready for a long day tomorrow.

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1 Comment

Let’s hope you don’t catch a cold after visiting the penguins when you were soaking wet 😎😎😎

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