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Day 7 & a relaxing lesson!

So another rest day, or should I say a day without a park, to get everyone up to full power again!

Well, it is Sunday after all, so a lie in (not sure when I last had one of those 🤔) and then some retail therapy. We hit the outlet parks quite successfully, levi‘s being the bargain of the day. Darren even brought more boxers - I hope he knows how to put these ones on!!!!😂

Pool fun🏊🏻‍♀️, as always, and re-planned the rest of the week to get everything in before we have to come home! Decided that we would miss out Busch Gardens as its a long drive there, very spacious (so a lot of walking) and full of big rides that we wouldn’t all do as a group 🎢. We are also going to have to sacrifice a water park but at least we have our own pool to play in!!!

Back to the mayhem of parks & hopefully all fully rested for the week ahead. 😍👍

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