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Day 6 & we are all in a fix...

So, not quite the day we all expected!

Discovery Cove today & we all started off very excited & looking forward to swimming with the dolphins.

However, we spent most of the morning in the First Aid room as both our 2 little flowers managed to faint whilst in the queue for breakfast!😳

Both of them are absolutely fine - a mixture of dehydration, lack of food & obviously too much fun in the previous days. Also (not to rub it in), but every day has reached 32C ☀️& I don’t think us Brits are used to this (especially as we are used to minus figures when we are normally on holiday ⛷🏂).

Thankfully, rebooked for Thursday!🐬

Spent the afternoon at the villa recharging our batteries as still only half way through our fun packed holiday - onwards & upwards!

PS - Darren’s toe looking better & may just be badly bruised and how is it that I’ve ended up with a cold in this heat🤧!

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תגובה אחת

Oh what a shame. But am glad you rebooked the dolphin swim. Turn the aircon down and OFF at night that will stop the colds. Remember to drink lots and lots of water and perhaps slow down a wee tad and rest more often? 😘

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