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Day 2 & what a woo!

Magic Kingdom with a rainy start. Best ride of the day goes to “Space Mountain” - well done to Darren who doesn’t normally do rides in the dark - he is still in one piece but didn’t like not being in control!!

Obviously Buzz Lightyear was a must, followed by Winnie the Pooh, It’s a Small World and then on to the big ones. Started to pour with rain as we queued for Big Thunder Mountain Railroad but stopped - or so we had thought. Must point out that Florida rain is like a 5 min deluge, and then its stops!

On the ride, us girls had taken our macs off but as the ride started it poured again - we got soaked (but great fun) so Splash Mountain was next - couldn’t get any wetter, or so we thought.

Decided to call it a day as we will return to do the fireworks one eve. Only a 5 min wait for Pirates of the Caribbean so it had to be done on the way out!!

Back to the villa for for a pool party & some food. Heavy rain over night but should stay dry now for the rest of the week.

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