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Day 1 & loads of fun!

Universal studios was our first park and a nice slow, gentile start. ET ride (still cant believe this one is still here), MIB & a lovely well deserved lunch In Amity Island - Jaws free zone now! Harry Potter was new & exciting - the best ride of the day - Escape from Gringotts.

Went for a return journey on Hogwarts Express to Hogsmede in Universal Island of Adventure. Fast & Furious was our last ride as the heat of the day beat us all (31C) back to the villa to cool off in the pool (even if it was raining by then!!).

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2 commentaires

Universal on day 1 and Disney on day 2. Nothing else to do is there? 😈


09 avr. 2019

What a day we had too. Disney’s Magic Kingdom next 😄

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