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London 2 Brighton 2019

Once again Kath and I joined Kath's brother (David) to cycle the 54 miles from London to Brighton in aid of the British Heart Foundation. I have lost count of how many times we have done this ride but it is usually good fun and enjoyable. Although this year it was good fun I think saying that it was enjoyable is a push as it was very windy and very wet.

David picked us and bikes up at 5am so that we can get to Clapham Common in time to set off at 7:30. The ride itself is not too bad but there are a number of steep climbs along the way which makes the thighs nice and warm. For about half of the ride it rained which slows everything down and makes the downhill runs more precarious.

The final challenge on this ride is always Ditchling Beacon, a 143m vertical climb over 1.5km reaching gradients of 16%. We have nothing like it in Essex so training for it is always a challenge and I never know how we will do. However, even with the streams of water coming down and countless cyclists walking up it on the left, we all cycled to the top. Obviously special mention here for David who pretty much raced up and had a nice long rest before Kath & I to joined him. From there was a very windy stretch along the top of the South Downs before the final decent into Brighton where we were met by our fabulous support crew of Angela & Emily cheering us as we crossed the line to take our medals.

That evening we went to Angela & David's for a lovely sunny BBQ (how changeable is this weather) where Rebecca had set out 'Well Done' cookies. Good catch up with all the family there and then we slept very well once home. Planning on having a year off in 2020 but Emily is wanting to do it in 2021, so keep a watch out for future posts.

Anyone wanting to help the excellent BHF cause then you can sponsor us with the following link - thank you.

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